When you are in search of a solution for your health problems, it is important to find the right clinic. Sehat Zindagi provides Problem-based services that allow patients with effective online consultations and offer quality treatment from qualified professionals.

obesity clinic

Everyone has a different story and reason for struggling with weight is different.  At our obesity clinic, we provide a comprehensive and medically sound approach to weight management. Our program helps patients reach their desired goals by improving both physical and psychological health.

  • Family medicine Doctor consultation
  • Blood test 
  • Follow up appointments
  • Remote monitoring of weight

Mole clinic

If you are looking for the best possible diagnosis and treatment options, then our MOLE Clinic is a great place to start. You can get diagnosis and treatment recommendations from some top doctors, or just have questions answered by our experienced advisors.  With e consultations you can get treatment advice on moles or other skin conditions as well.

Asthma clinic

Managing asthma can require frequent doctor visits to control your symptoms better. At our clinic you will be able to monitor your disease and determine whether your current treatment is working, Also you will be able to receive the right prescription and treatment plan from an experienced specialist who understands all disease complexities.

chronic obstructive lung disease clinic

COPD can be a difficult condition to manage. It is important that you find the right treatment for your needs and concerns, which may include treatment and timely persprictions. With a reliable internet connection, you can speak to an expert about your lungs and how best to care for them by speaking securely with a board-certified doctor from the comfort of home or office.

smoking cessation clinic

If you’re struggling with smoking and want to quit, we can help. At Sehat Zindagi our clinic provides access for online resources as well as prescription medication. You can quit smoking without ever having to go outside.  Our online clinic provides one-on-one counseling and personalized programs that will help you through the process of quitting, all from your own home.

joint clinic

Joint pain can be felt in multiple parts of the body. Age, weight, previous injuries and overuse are all factors that may contribute heavily to joint problems such as osteoporosis or arthritis; at Sehat Zindagi you’ll have access to verified top doctors who specialize in bone conditions. After assessing online, they’ll go over risks & benefits before recommending treatment plans so don’t hesitate to ask questions because we want nothing more but to give each individual a personalized treatment experience.

women health and contraception clinic

A woman’s sexual health is an integral part of her overall wellbeing. Connect with a doctor at Sehat Zindagi today to get the help you need. All appointments are 100% private and confidential, so your identity will remain safe.
Our specialists have the experience to provide you with high-quality, low-cost care at a time that is convenient for you. So take out time for your health and well-being and get the support by a handful of our online services.

Men health and erectile dysfunction clinic

Sehat Zindagi is also a platform for men to seek advice and treatment related with their sexual health. You can schedule appointment at this clinic that deal specifically in ED problems, or you can book online consultation for regular check-ups and discuss other sexual problems. Get discreet, professional care and genuine prescription medicatios from our experts.